TOBI Says, What is Your New Year’s Resolution?

George Southgate is a veteran children’s ministry leader from northwest Georgia.  He writes a column as TOBI to teach boys and girls about Jesus and how to live the Christian life.  This is his New Year’s article:
          Many people make a resolution. It is a choice or decision to change something about their life.  Many decide to be more active. They tell us that the gyms have more people apply in January than any other month of the year. Some people decide to quit smoking while others go on a diet, to try to lose weight.  Some start exercising, maybe walking, or running, or lifting weights. They all want better health. They want to be better and feel better.
         What would a Christian do like like that?  The Christian resolution to be more active would be interesting. He could be more active in church attendance, be more active in classes, and more involved in outreach activities.  A Christian would be more active in their personal Christian life. That could be more time in prayer, more active in personal Bible study or devotions, and more time in sharing their testimony with others.  This would give better Christian health. They would be better and feel better.  What is your resolution? Remember it will take work.