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One day in the Mueller mountain range of west Borneo our boat sank in the rapids. One moment we were fine and the next we were all thrown into the fast moving waters. As we swam for shore we had to be careful that the boat, submerged, did not catch us between it and boulders in the river. We spent the night there with what we could salvage. We were perched on shelving rock above the river and we tried not to roll off the slant into the river. To top it off, it rained that night soaking us again.


We had lost most of our things and we needed to be rescued.  While we waited our oldest son walked the edge of the river into the nearest village.

Wow! This is real adventure!  

Just think.

We were strangers, travelers, in a foreign land.  The people there spoke their own language called Hobongan.  We could only survive if they helped us.  They were primitive by our standards.  They did slash and burn farming on the mountain sides and lived off the jungle. This is drama and excitement that you get tired of very quickly.  It is 365 days a year excitement. We like movie theater excitement that lasts for 1 1/2 hours.  We like the excitement we find in a game or a book because we can put it down and eat ice cream when we like.  This is the excitement that Jesus men had.  From the moment they responded to his call to follow him they left everything behind to be his men, 24 hours a day.  They never knew what was to happen next.  Following Jesus they saw things others did not see but they also traveled almost without let up.  On and on they went for three years never knowing where they would spend the night, where they would eat, who they would meet or what sufferings they would have to endure.  Jesus, they came to realize toward the end, was going to a cross and they too must be prepared for their own cross. They suffered the loss of all things.




Christ still calls men and women to come out of the world and follow him exclusively. In doing so they become strange. They become anti the way of the world and pro the way of God. There is a smell to them, and air about them that confuses others. Their goals and purpose is different. They are living sacrifices that live each day on the altar of Gods will. They are burnt offerings, consumed by love of God.


True excitement and drama is only for the disciples, the followers of Jesus.  You will begin to live at his beck and call,  You will be part of a rare and exclusive group, the household of God.  You will find that the closer you are to Jesus the further you are from others that are comfortable living at a distance from him.  Others will tell you to slow down, to not be so dedicated, to enjoy life a little. What they will not see is, Jesus IS life more abundant and to enjoy him is the greatest of all pleasures.

Can you hear Jesus call to be his very own, his disciple?  It is one thing to be part of the crowd that hears his teaching.  It is another thing entirely to present yourself to him to be his Peter, his James, his John, his Timothy.  What he asks of you will be much more taxing than what he asks of those who are “hearers only”.

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