The Devil’s Deceptions or “Spider Snacks”

Michael J Bove (around 16 yrs) Cropped


Your enemy’s goal is not to sell you on one great big deception. No, his method is to twist the truth and deceive you ever so slightly. But moving you away from what is true in a small way, he has moved you toward disaster. It is by many, many small steps that he quietly moves us further and further way from the truth. Our movement way from the truth into error goes on so quietly and regularly that our being moved at all is not perceived.


At one time I was a really big liar. I was proud of my ability to deceive. I saw it as a skill.
One time I convinced a baby sitter that I was a member of the household she was sitting for and spent an evening with her. Another time I convinced a girl I was in the army and just back from combat. Another time I asked a girl to marry me and then left town never to return. I had such a problem and told so many lies that after awhile I could no longer tell which of my stories were true and which were not.


Recently, a news anchor was caught in a lie that he told publicly and which had many witnesses that could refute what he said. Caught, he said he miss-remembered. Some commented that they could not understand how he could have forgotten the true facts. But I knew how. If you are a liar, a deceiver, after awhile you believe your own lies. I wonder if the Devil, as the father of lies, believes his own lies?


This explains why so many politicians can lie without any trace of guilt. They have a number of contradictory beliefs about any subject. When they talk to you they just pick one of their beliefs that agrees with what you think. They want your vote. To them, it does not matter what you say you believe. They have to ability to speak with conviction when lying.
Judas was this kind of liar. When he got up in the morning he put on one of his faces–the one that would fit the present circumstance. He never disagreed with Jesus. He was always saying, “Amen!” He was so brazen, he could come up to Jesus with a smile and kiss his cheek.


As soon as we become Jesus’ disciple, we begin tearing down the house of lies we have built. Our great fear is that we will not be able to tell what is true or false. When you play games with the truth you lose your ability to tell if you are lying or not.
If you were born in a great spider’s web, you would think the web is normal. If someone began tearing down the web you would object. Young person, you have been born into a web of lies woven by the king of spiders. The extent of his web is greater that you can now know. Once you begin to challenge everything to see whether it is web or truth, you will be surprised how far the web extends. It covers the whole world. In that world, people are spider snacks (Gal. 1:4 and 1 John 5:19).


Once we believe in Jesus, we are dedicated to tearing down the lies that have fooled us, and it will be painful.


Only God sees things as they really are. He is the only one who can show you the true and the false. That is what the Bible is for. The movie, “The Matrix”, is very close to the truth. When you are deceived, you live in the context (the web) of a lie.


(We discussed Mike Bove’s article on “Spider Snacks” at the 2015 OWC Alumni Ministry Retreat. Photo is of Mike as a young man.)

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