OWC teaches how to have a fun time with children as well as how to teach a Bible lesson and clearly communicate the Gospel. Hands-on, fun and informative all describe this conference. Ideally on the last day of the Conference everyone goes out with their team into the community and leads a Bible time for kids.

Children play a game for a few minutes before the Spontaneous Stories begin. After an introduction and a quick fun song, it’s time for the story–a Bible story or another story about a missionary or a famous person. During the story when the children hear the special word, the first one to stand up gets a prize from the fabulous bucket of prizes. The children get many chances during the story to win a prize. After the story, it’s time to play a game. Each child gets a story to take home and can sign up to get free stories in the mail. The whole event only takes about 20 minutes.

In the Fall ICO a has a booth at Art in the Park and the Danielsville Fair. Art in the park is at Hurricane Shoals Park in Jackson County Georgia. The Danielsville fair is located off the square in Danielsville, Georgia. Come see us at one of these two fun events and ask Praise the Clown to make you a free balloon animal.