Author: ico

Permitted But Not Beneficial

  I Cor. 6:12  “Everything is permitted, but not everything is beneficial”…   Paul is no longer under the legal restrictions of the law, therefore all things are permitted, i.e., they are not restricted.  This is not to say they are all good.   The first part of the phrase quoted above addresses the legality of Read More …

The Holy Spirit IN You

  Once upon a time there was a new grapevine. It was only two yeas old, and in its third year, it felt it was time to produce fruit. It knew it would have better fruit if the ground was fertilized. But try as it might, it was not able to fertilize the ground. It Read More …

Why a blog ?

Mike Bove suggested that we start a newsletter for the OWC community some time ago. Before he died he submitted several articles for the newsletter/blog. These were originally posted on the One Way Conference Facebook page.